Games Scramble Matrix
Games Scramble Matrix

Scramble is typically a tournament-style game but can be played with as few as four people in two teams of two. A four-person team is a more common format. This is a great game for a lads/gals weekend away where you have a large group. A handicap can be used in a scramble, but it is more likely to not use handicaps. It is a simple game to play, however, applying variations can add to the difficulty level such as the ambrose scramble or the bloodsome scramble.

Players Required for Scramble

A minimum of two players are needed to form a team, and therefore, a minimum of four players are required to create a competition of two groups. Scramble is commonly in a tournament with a large number of teams.

Simple Rules: No Variations

A basic scramble involves the members of a team using the best ball from each shot. The following example gives an overview of this format:

  • Members of the group each hit their first shot from the tee.
  • The best ball from all group members in the team is selected.
  • Each group member will then take their second shot from the same position as the best ball.
  • The best ball from all groups members on the second shot is selected.
  • As you guessed, each member will then take their third shot from the same position as the best ball.
  • This process is continued until the ball is holed.

There are no rules for the order of play. A team will decide amongst themselves who will take their shot in any particular order. Players are allowed to take their shot within one club length, no closer to the hole, from the best ball.

Deciding on the Scramble Winner

At the end of the round, each team aggregates their scores, and the winning team is the team with the lowest score. Betting can take many formats, however, the simplest method for the beginner format is for each member to contribute to a pool. For example, a $2 pot will provide a prize pool of $8 for the winning team consisting of four players in total.