Golf Side Games and Bets

Beginner Golf Side Games and Bets

Golf is an exciting game in itself; however, you can take it to the next level by introducing some golf side games and bets. The dynamics of golf make it an incredibly exciting sport. There are few sports where you can play solo, in groups, or tournaments. This variety is yet another aspect to the game of golf that lures golfers into a life long passion.

It gets even better; you can set yourself multiple challenges within the same round of golf. You can play against yourself and a team format competing against others in the group.

As a beginner golfer, golf side games and bets can prove immensely satisfying. The two ball best ball is the perfect game for a beginner. The biggest weakness in my game is my tee shots. More often than not, I slice the ball, which is very frustrating. On the other hand, my short game and putting are quite good. My playing buddy is quite the opposite. He can drive the ball straight and long. However, his short game still needs a bit of work.

The two ball best ball is the perfect format for the pair of us. Between us, we can play a decent round with a low score. A score that we could not achieve individually. A side game takes the pressure off you as you choose the best ball between you and your teammate(s).

A lot of golfers enjoy a bit of side betting to spice things up. Michael Jordan was notorious for his betting on the golf course. Just don’t be like Mike and bet too much away. I have compiled my favourite list of golf games and betting aimed at the beginner.

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