Golf Equipment & Accessory Review

Beginner Reviews of Golf Equipment & Accessories

Do a Google search for golf, and you will see a seemingly unlimited number of products relating to golf. Knowing which products are worth the money and time is difficult. In our collection of Golf Equipment & Accessory Reviews, we look at the top products positioned for the beginner golfer.

We will take an in-depth review of some of the most common training aids. The aids will help you perfect the basic concepts of the grip, alignment, posture and swing. We try to help you decide which to leave on the shelf and which to put in your basket.

Our aim with these reviews is to identify training aids and equipment that will help you as a beginner. We try to identify products that are simple to use and can provide positive feedback to your game.

We also identify those products that don’t live up to the hype. My savings account has taken a hit over the past 12 months, searching for ways to improve my game. Some things have worked, and we’ll discuss those, and others are currently gathering dust.

While we have made a lot of effort with our Golf Equipment & Accessory Reviews, the one thing that will benefit you the most is knowledge, practice, and game time. You can’t take your training aids on the course, so we encourage practice to build learning and muscle memory. Simple tricks such as a ruler in your glove, or a driver cover under your leading arm can provide the same results as some of the expensive aids. We will call any alternative approaches out in your review.

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