Basic Golf Tips for Beginners

Beginner Golf Tips

Golf is a complicated game. Consistently completing the same series of actions in your setup and swing takes time and patience. There are endless variables to consider, such as the lie of the ball, wind, weather, and obstacles, to name a few. It’s no surprise that this becomes overwhelming to the beginner golfer. The mistake I made was to watch endless youtube video’s from different instructors, only leading to further confusion. I’m Gary Elliott, and in this series, I will explain four simple golf tips for beginners; Grip, Alignment, Posture, and Swing (GAPS).

As a beginner myself,  I had wished that my introduction to the game focused on these essential golf tips for beginners. The first piece of advice I can offer is; don’t complicate things more than they need to be. Focus on the simple stuff first and keep that focus until you have consistency. Overthinking can mess with your game, as can drastic tinkering.

The second and most valuable advice is to keep it enjoyable. Golf is a beautiful game, and for many, it’s a lifelong passion. It is a game for all ages and all abilities. 54 is the maximum handicap, and I’m proud to have started in the 54 Club. If you are part of this elite, the good news is you have the potential to see more significant improvements in your game than the low handicappers. We can drop 10+ strokes in as little as a few months, while the low handicappers are chasing 1-2 stroke improvements.

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