Games 5-3-1
Games 5-3-1

You’re all set for a round of golf with four members in the group, you’ve decided the side game you will play, and one person cannot make it that day. What do you do with three players? 5-3-1 is the perfect game for a group of three players.

Players Required for 5-3-1

The game of 5-3-1 is design for three players only. It addresses that awkward scenario where one of your crew is not able to make it for that day.

Simple Rules

There are only three simple rules which make this side game an easy format to follow. Each hole has 9 points on offer. The 9 points consist of:

  • The player with the best score receives 5 points
  • 3 points go to the player with the seconds best score
  • The player with the worst score gets 1 point

As you can see, the name 5-3-1 derives from the points awarded for each hole. In the case where players tie the hole, the total points are added up and distributed between the players. For example, if two players equal for the hole, the 5 and 3 points are combined to 8 points, and each player receives 4 points. If all three players tie, the 9 points are shared as 3 points to each player.

The simplicity of this game is you are playing against your opponents, not against the course. You are merely recording points for each hole, rather than strokes.

Deciding on the 5-3-1 Winner

Points accumulate during the game. After the round, the player with the most points is declared the winner of the game. Players can either bet based on points or contribute to a pool.

  • Points: Players decide an agreed amount per point prior to the round. For example, Players A, B, and C have 60, 52, and 50 points respectively. For a $1 per point bet, monies distribute as follows:
    • In 1st Place, Player A receives $8 from Player B and $10 from Player C
    • In 2nd Place, Player B received $2 from Player C
    • Player C receives nothing coming in last.
  • Pool: Players agree on an ante, such as $2 each. At the completion of the round, the player with the most points wins the pool.