The Beginners Guide to Golf

The Beginners Guide to Golf

I created this website as a beginners guide to golf. As somebody who still classifies themselves as a beginner, I was looking for resources to give me the basics, without being overloaded with information. Golf is a very technical game, and starting-out is overwhelming. I have written the content on this website as I would like to read it as a beginner.

When I first started, there were lots of “gaps” in my knowledge. I wanted a simple explanation of the core skills I needed. I came up with the beginner series to fill those gaps, organised by; Grip, Alignment, Posture, and Swing.

There is an abundance of information available for the golfer on websites, youtube, and mobile apps. I scoured all the info I could find, took lessons from a pro and the result was total confusion. With so many different aspects to consider; my game was getting worse rather than better. It wasn’t until I stripped everything back, and focused only on the basis, did I see some improvement. It was a classic case of learning to walk before you can run.

Focusing on the basics, I have seen my handicap drop from 54 down to 32 in the space of 12 months. Focusing on the basics of the grip, alignment, posture, and swing, I have a routine for each shot to help create consistency. I am happy with the improvement, but there is still a long way to go. I hope this beginners guide to golf will see you with equivalent or better improvements on your journey.

Training Aids and Equipment

Beginning golf can be an expensive exercise. It is tempting to outlay significant investments in any number of training aids and equipment. For me, the temptation was too large, and I have a lot of gadgets and gimmicks gathering dust in the corner of the garage. I have reviewed some of the training aides that have helped my progress and highlighted those that have not.

We also have a list of essential golf equipment, apparel, and accessories that you will need to get started. The list is compiled according to budget and value for money. Golf can create a big hole in your wallet/purse when you first start out and we list just the essentials to get started.

Golf Tips and Tricks

While the emphasis of the website on the core fundamentals of golf, as you master these, you will come across different scenarios during your game which requires different skills to adjust. The type of scenario’s include alignment when hitting from the side of a hill, bunker shots, and adjusting for the weather. Each of these tips and tricks keeps the same theme of keeping it as basic as possible.

Golf Travel and Leisure

Whether it’s a weekend away with your buddies, or trip away with your significant other, the golf trip is one of those things that makes this sport delightful. There are almost 40,000 golf courses around the world catering for nearly every budget. We have compiled a list of the most sought after courses and work with our partners for some discounts on your game and accommodation.

Golf Side Games and Bets

It’s not only your golf swing that has many variations, there are also many different types of games that can be played. You can play individually, two ball best ball, and stableford to name a few. We will explain each of the games you can expect to see on the course.

Golf betting games are very popular and provides a different facet to your round to increase the competition between you and your playing partners. We will break down the rules for each type of betting game.

Golf FAQ

The GOLF FAQ section helps you understand the vast terminology used in the game of golf. From your slices, mulligans, divots to “hitting it fat” or “duffing your shot”, we will provide a simple explanation of each term.